Taprohm Temple

Ta Prohm temple was one of the most impressive temple of the Angkor area. Everyone wish to see this magnificent monument, because by its special outstanding of the natural fate. Ta Prohm was built by the king Jayavarman 7 in 1186 to dedicate to his mother. We have notice that Jayavarman 7 began this temple structure immediately when his first temple for his teacher had completed just only five years. He also have plan to built Ta Prohm temple for 5 years as well, because he afraid of getting stuck his other project of the future. Actually, Ta Prohm had its original name as Rajaviraha mean “The Royal Monastery”. The outer enclosing wall was 1000m x 650m, which there are Gopura in each side. The gate building of Ta Prohm was decorated with gigantic of Avalokesvara and Garudas as the same as motif of Banteay Kdei Gopura too. This temple was decided to leave its fate by densely jungle by the Ecole Françoise for restoration the temple of Angkor. This opinion is supported by the visitors, because that can understand what was like since the French Mr. Hanri Mouhot arrived in Angkor area in 1860. And then we can learn and how much appreciate the restoration have been done over all the temple in the area of Angkor. Ta Prohm temple designed much complexity. There are many concentric galleries recycle the main sanctuary.

Ta Prohm temple according to a stone stele which they found at the original place mentioned about the list of the properties of the temple and the people who maintained the temple and among of the villages to support and supplies for the ceremonies and festival in annual. We know that, the temple had a golden bowl weigh 500 kg and the same weigh of the silver bowl too. Besides, the golden and silver bowls, the inscription tells the 36 diamonds, 36 rubies, 40,620 pearls, 4540 precious stones, 512 silk beds, 523 parasols, 876 veils from China… etc, and the temple owned 3140 villages, there were 79365 people serving for the religious affair in the temple and including 18 great priest, 2700 officials, 2202 assistants and 615 dancers. All the number above to indicate that how much glorify to the king at the Angkor period, and Ta Prohm must have been an important one. Even in the each chambers of Ta Prohm were total 260 statues of various religions either Buddhism, Hindu, animism and other personal cults. Ta Prohm has arranged with 36 towers which significant of the 36 heavens of the Buddhist concept. This idea was believed to the legend of saying that, when the Buddha’s mother gave birth to Buddhist for one week, and then she had died, as she was perfect lady she moved to live with enjoyable life in the top of the heaven at 36th layer.

We know that the Ta Prohm was dedicated to the king mother, that’s why adorned with 36 towers, because king Jayavarman 7 was a Buddha-King. At the central tower, originally was a place to install the statue of king mother. As the same to all of the temples, underneath of the statue at the main sanctuary, they always buried the remained in the golden urn which putting some relic surrounding the golden urn as well. But the statue and the valuable relic were stolen by the hunters of treasure in 14th-15th century. Today at this section, we only see the pedestal had been pushed away to aside, so that the bandits were able to dig for the relic. The walls at the area there are also many wholes until ceiling, because for fixing the polished brass plates to help for getting brighter in this important shrine. Many towers of Ta Prohm had broken of the reason is by the vandalism who destroyed or looking for the golden immaculate, rather than natural damages.

The trees are on the structure estimated about 300 years, in Khmer called “Spong Tree”, the English is silk and cotton tree, its relative to the Banyan tree. As the trees still alive, it seem like they support the structure, because its roots have grabbed the building strongly on the both sides. The trees starting to grow from the roof of building first, and then its sent the roots to the ground for absorbing the water. But at the beginning of the plants fed the moss. Because the moss hold the condition of the moisture.

Ta Prohm temple also had a dancing hall. We notice that the temples which built by the last great king Jayavarman 7 always designed a hall for performance a classical daces for prosperity of the kingdom. The hall of dancer located to the east after the structure of entry tower. Today the roof of these building had been collapsed because these kind of the hall was too large that causing the corbel arch never stable and including the water system table underground eroded as well. The vandals and the hunters of treasure also were a deal of destruction. At the Ta Prohm temple also has a shrine which the people called “The Echo Chamber” which located inside the religious compound. This shrine believed that when the people had a problem of an illness or their star line going down, they must come to this shrine for beat their chest. They can hit seven or twelve times in order to relieve their tension or worries away. This pace is so interesting to all the guests who are here. They never missed this shrine.

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