Angkor Thom City (Ancient Khmer Empire Capital City)

Angkor Thom is a very popular tourist spot. It was an ancient capital city of the Khmer Empire which had established since 10th century and last until 15th century. So this city was served as a capital of the Khmer Empire for 500 years. Later this city decided to abandon to the area around Phnom Penh at 1432 of 15th century. The reason to abandon this city because by the Thai invaded and destroyed. Since then the city of Angkor was grown by the densely jungle. Until the 19th century a French naturalist name Henry Mouhout arrived and wrote on the sites which later his book was draw attention to the French authority. Later on in the early 20th century the sites had been restored and clear the forest away. The work of restoration had continued until the war occurred in 1970. Angkor Thom mean “The City Of The Great” which renovated by the king Jayavarman 7 after he drove out the Cham solders in 1181. He enlarged the vicinity of the city as erected the fortified wall at 3 km on each side and constructed five magnificent entrance gate. All of the gate are designed the same style of the element structure, which you can see the god statues are holding Naga body on the left side while on the right the group of demon statues are doing the same thing. These motifs are extracted from the Hindu myth of the churning of the sea of milk. The total there are 108 statues of gods and demons. The faces of the original has different expression but as we are seen some faces are new or while its original had been stolen. The top of the gate decorated the faces of Avalokesvara facing to four cardinal points. And below the faces there are motifs of Apsaras Aravata with three heads appeared at each corner of the gate, Indra god of the rain is sitting on the top of Aravata.

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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