Welcome to the KVA TRAVEL(CAMBODIA). This is a website of the travel agency of the Kingdom of Cambodia. At this site, you can find the information about Cambodia and what this wonderful country has to offer. Tourism in Cambodia is a major industry; it attracts over tourists. Cambodia’s cultural and diverse attractions can be attributed to its cultural diversity that reflects the country’s rich history dating as far back as the sixth century. Over the centuries, though some of the culture may have evolved, certain traditions survived the test of time and were fortunately handed down through the generations to be appreciated today. These personify the richness of a race of people who once occupy a massive part of continent Asia. KVA Travel, based in Cambodia, is an innovator and engaged company in Cambodia that focuses on the unique and specialized needs for traveler who travel to Cambodia.

Tour Guide

Tour Guide | www.khmeradvisor.com

We have cooperated with the professional tour guides (as mention) who are friendly, responsible, and take good care of tourists, and they have excellent knowledge about archeology, history, culture, society, nature, philosophy, Cambodian daily life… etc


Transportation | www.khmeradvisor.com

We recognize the comfortable transportation with air conditioning and friendly English speaking drivers such as: Car, van, bus, boat, helicopter- Elephant ride, Ox-cart, horse-dram carriage and Bicycle. Besides the tour, we also provide transfer-in and transfer-out service from the airport to the hotel according to your flight detail.

Accommodation Reservation

Accommodation Reservation | www.khmeradvisor.com

We have contract with many hotels (** star, *** star, ****star, and ***** star hotel) in Cambodia, We provide the accommodation for you during the trip in Cambodia with a lower price than booking yourself you just choose which one you prefer to stay in. These are very nice comfortable hotels located downtown which makes it easy for you to walk around, and they are close to Shopping Malls, banks, restaurants, Night Markets, souvenir shops, massage, cybercafe…

Restaurant booking

Restaurant booking | www.khmeradvisor.com

We have contracted with many good restaurants where you can have lunch and dinner. They serve traditional Khmer food, vegetarian food, Italian food, French food, Chinese food... Recommendation: Khmer food (buffet) with traditional Apsara dancing show is very popular. It is only 12$ per person.

Ticket Reservation

Ticket Reservation | www.khmeradvisor.com

  • Air ticket
  • Helicopter tickets
  • Bus tickets
  • Boat tickets
  • Elephant ride tickets

Tours Activities

Tours Activities | www.khmeradvisor.com

  • Canoeing & Kayaking
  • Cycling -Scuba Diving
  • Helicopter Flight over Angkor
  • Hot Air Balloon Over Angkor
  • Temple -Trekking
  • Golf

Other services:

Donation to poor people, children, students, | www.khmeradvisor.com

  • Visiting villages in the countryside.
  • Donation to poor people, children, students, orphans and the disabled.

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